Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Good Stuff: November

Another month down. One to go for 2010. Seriously, where does the time go?
  • Re-connections - I had been feeling pretty awful about myself lately for my lack of contact with a lot of people.  Not talking to the people you spent almost every moment with for four years in college is weird. And yes, I've been out of school for a while now, but it was really starting to bug me.  So, I've been working to make more phone calls, send more emails, and set specific plans.  It's been great to talk to some of my best girlfriends more regularly, and even see, or plan to see, a few of them :)
  • Engagements - I guess I missed the memo that November is the month to get engaged.  Two of my best girlfriends from college got engaged in the last two weeks. The three of us all started dating our significant others around the same time and I've been anxiously awaiting them to join me in the old married woman category.  They're both planning weddings for this upcoming summer, which means lots of girl time in my near future with showers, and bachelorette parties, etc etc etc.
  • Christmas Decorations - I know, this is about November, not December.  But who doesn't break out their Christmas decorations the weekend after Thanksgiving?!  Yup, our stockings are already hung, and the garland has been strung!
  • Thanksgiving - I didn't do a whole post on Thanksgiving.  My apologies.  I was busy spending time with family and friends :)  It's a fantastic holiday that is all about spending time together and being thankful.  No worries about shopping and presents.  Just good quality family time.
  • Planet Fitness - So I joined Planet Fitness.  I have joined, and re-joined Gold's Gym multiple times, and back in the day was a member of the YMCA.  The Y had too many pre-teens, and Gold's had too many 'body builders'. So far, I am extremely happy with PF.  Neither of the aforementioned groups frequent PF, and although there's also the old ladies that think walking around naked in the locker room is acceptable, its been my kind of place.  They don't have group fitness classes, which is really the only drawback I've found.  Plenty of cardio and weight machines, plenty of TVs, and my location is fairly new which means its clean and things still work!  They also have a 30 minute express workout area, which includes weight machines alternated with cardio - which in this case is a step.  It's great for a quick in and out, and makes me feel like I got a real workout.  It's not too expensive (19.99/month) and I can go to any location (ANY), bring a guest with me whenever I want for no charge, and I get unlimited tanning and haircuts (the first of which I don't ever do, and the second is just a little weird).

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