Thursday, July 1, 2010

Good Stuff: June

It's that time again!  June is over, so its time to talk about some of the good stuff that happened.
  • Running: I made it to week 6 of the Couch to 5k training program (so far!), and ran my first race ever (unless you count the 6th grade track meet, in which I won the half mile).  It's not like I won this race or anything - not even close, in fact I was in the back - but it was still a win for me.  And I can't wait to keep going and see where all this running takes me.
  • A baby: Our good friends had their first baby the day before Father's Day.  She's itty bitty - was 4lbs 14oz when she was born - but that just makes her even more precious.  B refused to hold her at the hospital, but he did a few days later, and even though "it was creepy" that he could "feel her shoulder blade" I think he likes her.
  • Our First Yard Sale: So maybe it wasn't all good, as it was a lot of work, and we didn't get rid of as much as we expected, but we learned what to do - and not to do - next time, whenever that might be.  And we did make some cash off Craigslist, so can't complain too much!
  • Kitchen Success: Its still not totally done (still need cabinets straightened and pendent lights installed), but really, those are such minor things, I feel like its done.  I've been loving cooking and cleaning (well maybe not *loving*) and just enjoying having a modern kitchen that makes sense and works.
  • Summer: It's summer!  Sun, warmth, time on the water, BBQs. Couldn't ask for much more, right?

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