Monday, November 1, 2010

Good Stuff: October

Another month already? Sheesh.

  • Birthdays - I know way too many people born in October it seems.  Most notably, my darling husband.  We had some friends over and some "fancy" pizza to celebrate.  Always a good time.
  • 10Ks - Yes, that is plural.  As my last few posts have mentioned, I ran 2 10Ks in the month of October.  I'm thoroughly impressed with myself for pulling off one, nevermind doing better by over 4 minutes in the second one with minimal training.  I will still not call myself a runner.  But I will admit, I am capable of running.  And apparently I'm capable of running 6.2 miles without stopping. Who knew?
  • Down Comforters - It's fall.  Which means I've broken out the down comforter again.  And purchased a nice new duvet cover (for 19.99 at Target! Amazing!).  I am a happy camper (sleeper) these days.
  • Overtime - Maybe I should say Overtime Pay.  Overtime itself is not so great, as it means I'm spending time at work, when I could be at home doing other things.  But, time and a half is pretty sweet, and makes me grateful to be an hourly employee.  It also makes me feel like I can shop more (which may or may not be true) kind of like how you justify eating that extra piece of cake after going to the gym.
  • Midterms - Uh I know, I'm stretching it.  Midterms themselves are not good.  The fact that they're over now, and I'm more than halfway through this term IS in fact good though.  So go with it.  I can almost see the light at the end of the tunnel... June 2011 can't come soon enough (at least as far as school goes...)

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