Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Mistaken Identity

Anyone ever had their identity stolen?

Well, this story is probably nothing like that.

Apparently there is another person running around with the same first, middle, and last name as B.  It was a little funny at first, the day I came home to a country sheriff in the driveway, attempting to serve him a subpoena for a lawsuit involved a company he's never heard of.  B kindly informed the sheriff that he had never even heard of the company that was supposedly suing him.  Checking the paperwork, the sheriff admitted that B does not in fact look 45, and that was that.

This was 2 years ago, just after the last elections.  And we mostly let it go.

Then there was the time we thought a friend was playing a joke on us when a conservation officer showed up to question him about a deer he had checked in, since he supposedly checked one in a few towns over around the same time.  Strange.

That was last fall.

Late summer I came home from work to a very angry voicemail from an older lady, demanding we pay her husband for the entertainment he provided at our event.  Uh.... I called her back and she was nasty to me at first, as I was asking questions about who her husband is and what event it was that she was speaking of.  See, this guy happens to part of a political group, which can easily be discovered via Google.  And I recognized the name of the group from previous research I'd attempted on this deadbeat.  I explained there's another guy with the same name and it was not my husband she was looking for.  She told me that was the only number information gave her. (Apparently Google is beyond her, because the first hit is NOT us.)

A few weeks ago, we received a bill in the mail. From a printing company.  For over $400.  Associated with that political group. Again.  B called and left a message for the printing company, but they never called back.  Which was too bad, because I'd like to know if he gave them our address, or if they found it through public records.

But no folks, that is not all.

Yesterday, B showed up at the polls, prepared to exercise his right to vote.  And was promptly informed, he had already done so.

Excuse me?

Once again, situation explained, they said they would take care of it and let him vote anyway. Which, itself seems a little ridiculous, because he SO could have lied. (He didn't, and wouldn't, but they don't know that.)    But what the heck?! When I voted earlier in the day, they asked me to confirm my address.  He heard them say "Oh maybe we should verify the addresses."

So, we once again have no idea if this guy is using our address, or if people just keep assuming he is B.  First issue, what the heck do we do now!?!  I ran both our credit yesterday, and thankfully, nothing was out of place.  But I don't exactly want to sit around and wait for it to happen.  We have considered going to the police, but I don't know if he's actually done anything illegal (at least against us) or if other people keep screwing up.  For now, I guess we wait.  Maybe try and get ahold of this printing company again. I don't know.

Second issue, who the heck decided there is no verification necessary for voting?  I was asked my address.  I also filled out a new voter registration for changing my name.  Which required no verification whatsoever. I know other people were provided their address and asked if it was correct.  And B? Well, he wasn't asked anything besides his name.  Doesn't something about that seem wrong?  I can't talk to a customer service representative about my cable bill without answering 15 questions, but cast a vote for the leadership of our country and no one thinks it might be a good idea to take a peak at a license?

I sincerely hope this is the end of it. But something tells me it's just getting started...

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Anonymous said...

Hi Shannon
My advice from someone who collects $ every day....send the printing company a letter stating they have the wrong phone number & address for their customer. Clearly state you are not responsible for his debts. I am happy you checked your credit reports as I have had an issue as well. Yup, someone with same name as mine! Imagine that!!
Call if you need help. Love, Paula