Monday, February 21, 2011

The Dining Room

Off the living room is our dining room. And wouldn't you have it, that awesome blue carried over in there as well...awesome chair rail, huh?

You can also see the old breakfast bar on the left that came out when we did the kitchen.

There's only so much you can do to a dining room, ya know?  So we've painted, taken down the shade you can see on the right, and replaced the chandelier.  We also added a rug, which was a Christmas present from my parents.  When we took out the breakfast bar the area felt way too open, so the rug was a good way to break it up.

This was by far the best transformation in the dining room.  I wouldn't be shocked if that was the original chandelier from the 1960s, would you?  Glad we brought the dining room into the 2000s...

And here's a look at the full room....

(as usual, excuse the mess.)

The bottom of the room is the same color as the living room.  The top is a lighter shade, and the chair rail is the same color as the mantel, living room window, and trim.

The small brown table in the corner is actually our old entertainment center, that I covered with a brown paisley tablecloth.  It provides storage in the corner, since there's two hidden shelves underneath.  And if I want to change the tablecloth out, its an easy decor change.  Our dining room table was actually made by B's dad, back when his parents first got married, and they gave it to us when we moved into our apartment.  Eventually we'd like to re-stain it, but we'll see if we get to that anytime soon.  There's also the built in hutch in the back left corner, which houses all of our china, wine glasses, and other fancy stuff.

We may replace the window this summer, its almost certainly original to the house, and I think might be the last original one left in the house.  I'd also like to get a curtain/shade for it as well, since we took down the old one that didn't match.  Someday I'll also get around to adding some more pictures to the back wall.

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