Wednesday, February 2, 2011

January 2011: Rewind

I've decided to change up my monthly reviews a little, and rather than talk about good stuff I discovered during the month, I'm going to highlight the things/memories/events I want to remember.

Our first Patriots game.

My parents got us tickets as part of B's birthday back in October.  It was 1-2-11, against the Dolphins.  We tailgated - getting to the "secret" parking lot long before anyone else. Enjoyed to steak tips and beers (at like 9am... oops), and climbed all the way to the top of Gillette, for a bird's eye view of the game.  Even though our seats were "nose bleeds" it was an awesome experience, and a ton of fun.  Definitely something I'd love to do again next season.  And despite our tough loss a few weeks later in the playoffs... we still love our Pats :)

Ice Fishing.

We spent a weekend down ice fishing at B's parents cabin and had a total blast with friends and family.  There's something very relaxing about being on an island, in the middle of a lake, in the dead of winter.  It's cold, quiet, and beautiful.  Don't worry, it gets above 90 in the cabin with the wood stove going :)

Family Weekend.

Pat of my Christmas present to my mom was a weekend away up north to go skiing and snowshoeing.  The dogs got to come too, and we stayed in a fairly rustic, but decent, cabin.  Saturday the two of spent the day skiing, which was a lot of fun.  That night we went to dinner w/ B and my stepdad at a local inn and brewery, which was delicious and a really cool atmosphere.  Sunday we spend a while snowshoeing and exploring a local trail before heading home.


Holy snow.  We've been completely dumped on.  And it's still going strong.

Resolution Check-In.

I had quite a few.  But let's just talk about a couple of them.

Do less housework Worry less about housework and spend more time keeping up with friends and family.  Well, I got the first half of that one down pretty good.  And there's plenty of evidence to prove it.  We've been lucky to squeeze in a lot of time with both friends and family this month.  And although there's quite a few more people I'd like to catch up with, it's a great start, and I'm hoping to get better at making phone calls, emails, and planning dates, a habit.

Stop comparing myself to others and enjoy my life.  This is all mental, and all me.  Not much anyone else can do to help.  And I'd say I've been doing a pretty good, but its certainly something I have to remind myself of.

Staying active and feeling good physical.  I've done way better here than I thought I would.  I've gotten back to "tracking" my food regularly (via, which is such a help for me to keep things under control. I also posted a calendar in the bathroom to mark down what I do for exercise each day.  It seemed like the most logical place, since brushing my teeth is the first thing I do in the morning and the last thing I do at night - so I'm reminded every morning I need to fill that blank space, and every night I either get to fill in what I've done, and accept that I needed a rest day.

I think it filled it in pretty good for month, don't you?

(Please excuse my awful handwriting.  It's not going to get any better. Sorry.)

There's a whole lot of variety here too.  Zumba, elliptical, weights, hiking, snowshoeing, skiing, running, etc.  8 days out of 31 I didn't do anything that I deemed enough to put on the calendar.  And that's ok.  Rest is an important part of any exercise program. Or so I've heard.

You might also notice some numbers on the Mondays.  I'm not focused solely on weight loss, but you can bet I'm still keep track.  So as you can see (or maybe you can't, since I don't really write legibly) I lost a little this month - I came in down 2.2 pounds.  Well, it's better than nothing...

I ran 18 miles last month.  Which is way better than the THREE I ran in December. But a far cry from the 37 in October and November.  For the record, I didn't start official half marathon training until this last week.  So yea, 13 of those miles are from last week. Not too bad in my eyes.

I flipped it to February last night, and I'm oddly excited to start filling the month in.  And really get into my half marathon training.  I have a separate training schedule posted by the kitchen for that.  Along with the spreadsheet saved to my work computer.  So basically, I'm never without a reminder.

Exciting Happenings of the Month

  • Happy Birthday to M who turned four!!
  • Congrats to my cousin and her husband on their beautiful and healthy baby boy who was born this month!
  • There are some properties in the process of being bought, but let's not jinx anything and wait for those to be closed on
  • One of our college friends announced she's pregnant - yay for babies!
And I think that covers it? If I think of more I'll add them later :)

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emilie inc. said...

Woot, woot! Thanks for the shout out, Shan! Enjoying your blog late night when I should be sleeping (sleep when the baby sleeps, they say). Congrats on the half! Very impressive! Run some for me, too, would you? I wasn't so lucky in the knee gene dept. Hugs and happy 4th to Maple!