Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Dreaded Dead Space

Ever since we had our pellet stove installed, I've wanted something to fill the dead space, and cover the ugly white wire creeping up the wall, on the right side.  I haven't been able to find anything in the two years since.  When the previous breakfast bar was taken out for the kitchen renovations I realized just how much space we have between the kitchen and dining room, with nothing to anchor it.

Then there's the issue of not having anywhere to store pens, paper, and other miscellaneous stuff you like to have around, since the old breakfast bar housed all the stuff in its drawers.  Well folks, the search is over.  We've discovered a solution.  But first, can you understand why I felt like I *needed* something to fill the space?

I mean, I know you're all really jealous of that awesome white wire that jumps right off the dark walls, right?  Oh, and I was generous enough to move the power strip that usually lives on that outlet (due to the pellet stove).  So yea, ugly, cluttered, and not at all useful.

For a few weeks I salvaged a dorm room bookcase/side table from the basement to use, at least so I had a spot to drop my keys after work, and a place to store my running essentials - watch, hat if its raining, elastic headband if its not, little ipod.  It was better than nothing, but not big enough for the space and arguably may have made it uglier, even though it at least created some function for the space.

See? Functional, still not pretty.  Saturday, I had had enough.  We were heading out to the movies and I convinced B we should stop by Target to see what we could find.  I measured the wall - 32 inches.  Not the most convenient width, but I was hopeful.  We strolled through the store to the home furnishings section - and there it was!

30 inches wide, not so tall we can't use the top, and a nice espresso finish, to compliment are dark dining room furniture, and close enough to the walnut(?) colors in the living room furniture.  We had been hoping for something with drawers, since M likes to steal anything she can reach, which would specifically include those pens and note pads we were hoping to store.  But, I assured B we could find some nice baskets to act as drawers.  We scooped up our $59.99 bookcase of pure perfection and headed off to the movies.

Where I handed the ticket window guy a gift card and he informed me that it was for a different theatre.  Last time I take B's word for it, "Yea, it's for an AMC theatre." Uh not so much, it was a Regal gift card.  I then proceeded to embarrass both of us and the ticket guy by announcing loudly to B, "Why the heck did you tell me it was an AMC card? Ugh I can't believe you...etc etc..."  Yea, I was being a little dramatic.

*Sidenote: We saw Inception. Which blew my mind. And I'll need to see again.  And that's all I will say, for fear of ruining it for anyone. Totally worth it tho, so go see it - now!*

We swung by Wally World on the way home and low and behold, those adorable baskets presented themselves to us.  Technically they are storage bins, and they're made from recyclable PET fabric? Whatever that might mean.  They were like $9 a piece, so we grabbed them, thinking we'd return them if they didn't fit or we weren't impressed.  Well, I must say we're pleased.  One is storing note pads, stamps, check books, etc, while the other is housing my running essentials.

On the bottom shelf, I've been throwing my purse, to keep it off the kitchen counter, and currently my laptop bag is living there - which I'll need when I start in-class courses next term again.  Up top, we've got a mug full of pens, pencils, and markers, a tray for keys and other small stuff (that was a wedding present from my mom that happens to be shaped like the leaf of the tree M is named after ;P), our change container (a beer growler from the pub in our college town), and that giant bowl that I haven't figured out what to put in yet but B thought would look nice there. And the big ipod has been living on top this week too.  I know, I know, the white wire is still painfully obvious.  But it's better.  One of these days I'll get it all straightened out somehow. At least the power strip is hidden underneath now.

Here's a side by side before and after, cause those are always fun and get the point across:

See? Isn't that better?  And much more useful.

Now I just need a solution for the opposite wall... and maybe a rug for the dining room? Hmmm, we'll see what B will let me get away with next :)


Anonymous said...

Looks great! :)Suggestion- paint the wire the same color as the wall to blend it. I did that with the surround sound wires and it help tremendously. :)

S said...

That is genius!!! What a great idea, thank you so much!