Tuesday, August 10, 2010

The Future is Here!!

Tomorrow I will enter the 21st century, when my brand spankin' new, very first, smart phone arrives!

For the past year and a half I've been rockin' the LG Voyager (in titanium), and just recently got myself a data plan - so I'm pretty new to this high tech stuff, what can I say?  But Verizon knows how to tempt me, and when I checked my bill, it was all "YOU CAN GET A WICKED COOL PHONE CHEAP!" or more like "You are eligible to upgrade your phone at a discounted price." But whatever, read that however you wish.

Now of course I couldn't make this easy on myself.  I didn't want a Blackberry, because everyone has a Blackberry (including both of my parents. yes, they have cooler phones than me).  I have Verizon, so I couldn't get the iphone.  Although, after some thought I don't think I would anyway because I'm really fond of an actual keyboard, rather than only having the option of a touch screen keyboard.  So, this desire also ruled out the Driod X (Uh, and the $200 price tag on the puppy - sorry, not going to happen.).

So, if I can find the FedEx facility tomorrow (since they HAVE to have a stupid signature and no one will be home, I'll have to go pick up) I will be the proud owner of a brand new LG Ally (only $50, which I didn't think was too bad).  Which looks an awful lot like my current phone, but its way cooler cause I can get APPS and it runs off the Andriod platform.  Which, I don't think my phone even has a platform? I guess it must, but I don't know.  So hopefully I can figure out how it all works. We'll see. I could be coming back begging for help by tomorrow night.

It sure is pretty tho, huh?

Give me some time to play with it, and I'll let you all know how it is :)

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