Monday, August 16, 2010

Make it Fun(?) Monday: Laundry

Uh yea, I think I should change it to "Make it Manageable Monday" cause there's nothing about it that's fun, but anyway...

This is one of my least favorite chores, for a few reasons.

  1. Our washer and dryer are in the basement. On the opposite side of the house from the stairs into the basement. So yea, its far
  2. And I also forget about it, because its so far. So I end up having to rinse stuff over again - cause EW to that mildew smell
  4. The number of t-shirts B has
  5. The number of socks B has, that are usually balled up in each other making me think he never wore them
  7. Spaghetti strap tank tops getting spun and tangled in each and getting wrecked
  8. and oh yea, IT NEVER ENDS
I've done my own laundry since 8th grade. I got grounded, for being out too late at a hotel one night during a soccer tournament... really just a big misunderstanding... I swear...

Anyway, part of my punishment was to come up with a chore I would be responsible for. And I chose laundry. Don't ask.  Although I guess it was a handy life skill come college when my friends couldn't figure out how to not turn their whites pinks.

So, a few tips to make it not so awful, some of which I follow, others which I always say I should follow:
  • Sort. Seriously. Whites, lights, and darks. I promise the extra 30 seconds it takes will be worth it the first time you don't, and something changes color.  (Red towels, will bleed and make green towels look tie-dye. Don't ask.)
  • Break it up. If you don't have time to do it all, just do a load. Little chunks are better than nothing.
  • Set a reminder to switch it from the washer to the dryer. Especially if its far enough away in the house that you don't hear the buzzer, or that it's off.
  • When folding, watch TV, listen to music, talk to your husband (ha). I sit on the couch and watch TV, but I'm thinking stuff would actually get put away if I folded in the bedroom... hmm there's a thought.
  • Always empty the lint trap (stuff won't dry as fast if you don't) and use dryer sheets (or whatever little contraption you might have for static). I can always tell when B did a load of laundry 'cause my clothes stick to me.
Fall is the best time for my relationship with laundry.  Why? Uh, FOOTBALL.  Yes, my typical Sunday in the fall is doing laundry and watching football.  Works out pretty well if you ask me.

Also, a rule I ALWAYS follow, is to never leave the dryer running when we're not home.  It just doesn't feel safe.

Anyone else have ways they make it less painful and chore-like?


K said...

you've hit all the tips I follow. I have the same problem as you too - it's in the basement, in the back (as far away from the stairs as possible), and to top it off, I'm slightly creeped out by our basement.

oh, my biggest problem is after it gets folded - PUT IT AWAY! More often than not we end up living out of piles on the guest bed because I get tired of it after folding and never put it away. Wife fail.

Kristin said...

I'd like to congratulate you both on folding... because I prefer the leave it in the (clean) hamper and iron frantically each and every morning whatever it is that the husband and I have to wear to work. Yeah... wife fail 2... but hey, atleast I washed and dried it?

S said...

Haha, oh mine almost never gets put away Kara, no worries. And Kristin, ironing is the worst.. I can't remember the last time I didn't have to iron something to wear to work in the