Sunday, August 1, 2010

Good Stuff: July

I can't believe its August already.  No idea where July went... but I do know there was so really good stuff :)

1.  Fireworks.  I may not be the best at photographing them, but I sure do love them! We spent 4th of July weekend at my in-laws lake house and got to enjoy great fireworks displays TWO nights on the lake, and set off a few of our own.

2. Roadtrips.  B and I are serious road trip fans. In fact, our first vacation together involved driving 24 hours form New Hampshire to Florida, with 6 other people.  We spent much of our Honeymoon driving around, checking out the sites.  Well, we took on a new challenge this year: New Hampshire to Wisconsin, 18 hours, in the truck.

It had it's ups - like late night sing-a-longs to keep each other awake - and it's downs - traffic in Chicago (AWFUL) - but we had a blast.  If you've never done a roadtrip with your significant other, I would highly recommended it.  Nothing quite like belting out a song on a deserted highway at 4am with the person you love.  Or being able to laugh about that time you had a cow stare at you on the highway.

3. Long Distance Family.  Well, this isn't a *good* in itself, as I'd much rather they not be long distance! But, it gives us an excuse to vacation together.  We stayed with my (half) sister and her family, and got to hang out with my (half) brother and his family as well.  It's a somewhat complicated story that maybe I'll talk about someday, but I'm so grateful to have them in my life.  Here's the three of us at B and my's wedding last year:

And, here are the munch-kins.  We've got my sister's (little) B, 4.5 year old rock star and soccer extraordinaire.

Then there' R, the adorable but crazy 2 year old....

And her newest addition, Baby A, who is quite possibly the cutest 4.5 month old baby girl in the planet.  Not that I'm biased or anything.

And of course, my brother's daughter E, who is not only incredibly adorable, but who is also incredibly sweet - and it was her birthday! And every two year old girl needs two things: a castle, and bubbles.

Yup, I love them. And can't WAIT until the next time.

4. Options.  I'm not sure if I've mentioned my disdain for our cable company.  But I'm pretty convinced they were giving me an ulcer, or high blood pressure, or both.  After months of fighting with them and trying to figure out what other choices we have, we finally came to a resolution.  We've switch to satellite, which is awesome so far, and we found another Internet and phone service provider. And I couldn't be happier.

5. Air Conditioning.  We have had one of the hottest July's ever on record here in New England, and I know much of the rest of the country is in the same position.  Something crazy like 19 days over 90 degrees.  Too hot for my liking.  Well, B apparently could have a future as a meteorologist, because he bought us a new window air conditioning unit at the end of June.  Only a week later into July, stores were selling out like crazy. Not sure if we would have even been able to sleep without it this last month.

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