Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Running... a 10K?!

So, I still won't call myself a runner.

But I'm in training for another race.  My neighbor, good friend, and morning running buddy, C, and I decided that we wanted to set a goal, rather than just run for the heck of it.  So here we are, in week 2 of 10K training.

That sounds so far, doesn't it? 10K. It's twice as far as a 5K! A total of 6.2 miles.  Now, if anyone reading this is like, a real runner, yea I know, you probably knock out 6 miles on a random Tuesday in bare feet. With your eyes closed. Whatever. I think it's far, and more importantly, an achievable, yet challenging goal.

We're following the 10K Training: Novice program from Hal Higdon.  My friends who are training for a marathon (yes, they are crazy) are using one of his programs, and it looked simple enough, so here we are.  So far, so good. It's not JUST running, so its nice to mix it up and little and be *forced* into some strength training, since I otherwise always say I'm going  to, but then never do.

My awesome shoes are still... awesome.  And I've added some sweet bling to my work out attire.  Since it's still pretty dark these days at 5:45am (omg so early), and it's been raining this week making it even darker, I'm trying stay safe and have been wearing two of these bad boys:

(No, that's not me. Image taken from the website. I purchased mine at Sports Authority)

I've been putting one on a wrist and one on an ankle.  It was annoying to have one on my wrist with my watch... but this morning the one of my ankle was acting up and being all pinchy, so back to the wrist it was.  As it cools down I plan to get myself a running jacket that is even more reflective, but, these work for now.

Anyway, the 10K is October 10th - the weekend of our town's annual Pumpkin Festival.  Of course its Sunday morning, when they have a beer tasting on Saturday night... figures.

This Friday or Saturday is our first real "long" run - 3.5 miles - which should be interesting.  For the most part I'm enjoying myself so far... even tho the four letter words in my vocabulary have been getting a workout.

I've got a delicious (and healthy!) recipe coming up on Friday, and hopefully will be able to get caught up on all the stuff I've been wanting to share since I turned in my last paper of the term for grad school tonight!! Ooooh I'm going to enjoy this month off before the next term starts...

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Anonymous said...

i am attempting to do the 10K version now of the 5k i was going to do on halloween. getting my ipod going right now! good luck!