Sunday, January 2, 2011

2010: The Year in Review

2010.  It was a good year.  We can't complain.

Kicking off with the fire department last New Year's Eve, when B burnt the garlic bread for dinner, we rang in 2010 with good friends at our place and at a local bar.  From there, well, we kept busy with a few of the following things that I'd like to remember....

January: We spent time ice fishing down at B's parents lake house, which we aren't very good at, but we always have fun.  I started a new term at school, taking 2 classes.  M turned 3!

February: Celebrated my 25th birthday - B got me a new front door and Super Mario Bros for the Wii.  Welcomed TWO babies into our lives - a friend had her baby boy at the beginning of the month, and my niece was born at the end of the month - missing my birthday by one day!  For Valentines Day, B bought me a sump pump, which I was pretty grateful for a few weeks later when there was flooding.  We also bought new couches.

March: Went on a 4 day cruise to the Bahamas that I had won through work.  It was our first cruise and it was ok, but we weren't overly impressed.  But it was free. And we won $500 dollars in bingo.  So, we made money, can't complain there!  Also pretty sure this is the month we tore up the carpet in the bedroom (woo hoo!) and had bamboo floors installed, and repainted, again.  Which I promise to actually post about sometime, because it's a pretty awesome transformation in my opinion.

April: We started discussing redoing the kitchen.  I feel like most of this month was probably spent discussing, planning, and trying to figure all that out.

May: The month of the kitchen! And starting this blog. And starting to run.  A majority of the month was spent working on the kitchen renovation.  But we did get down the B's parents lakehouse for some fishing.

June: More time at the inlaws lake house, as well as my grandparents.  The kitchen was mostly completed.  We held our first ever yard sale.  Another little baby was welcomed into the world in our circle of friends.  Oh, and I ran my first ever road race, a 5k at my company.  Also, my "best" blogging month, with 22 posts.

July:  It was hot. We watched alot of fireworks.  We drove to Wisconsin and got to see my midwest family :) There was fishing and family time.  It felt like a quick month, but a good one.

August:  A college friend got married.  We attended "The Last Rodeo" Brooks & Dunn concert.  I finished my first Master's degree.

September:  We celebrated our first anniversary with a wine tasting, a tram ride, and some hiking.  B got me a TV, and I got him a watch and some coasters made with maps of four important places in our relationship.  We also purchased an electric fireplace for our bedroom.

October:  We took M pheasant hunting several times.  I ran two 10Ks.  We celebrated our friend's 30th birthday with a surprise party, and B celebrated his 25th birthday at the house with some tasty pizza and a bunch of friends, and I got him a waterproof video camera and accessories.

November: Justin Moore, Darius Rucker, and Brad Paisley concert at Mohegan Sun.  Thanksgiving was celebrated celebrated in B's parents new house with his grandparents, and made a stop at my grandparents on the way home.  I ran in the Great Gobbler 5k Thanksgiving Day race.  I went Black Friday shopping with my mom.

December: We spent Christmas with both sides of the family.  We spent time some with college friends we don't see nearly enough.  I started taking Zumba classes again.  I got promoted at work.  For Christmas, I got B warm clothes including some Carhartt insulted overalls (perfect for ice fishing!), cologne, and a new electric razor.  He spoiled me - an under armor jacket, several running and warm hats, oh - and a muzzle loader (which if you don't know, yes, is a gun.).

*Phew*.  I'm sure there's some stuff I missed, but that's a quick roundup of things I can still remember that I don't want to forget.

I hope you all had an amazing year, but are also looking forward to the next one - because I know I am!

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