Sunday, January 23, 2011

The Proposal

Not the Sandra and Ryan movie. Although I do love that movie.

No, the proposal when B and S, decided to become B&S.

B asked if I wanted to go ice fishing at his parents lake house for the weekend.  I spent the drive down talking about how this guy at work just got engaged, and how some other woman had called B my husband that day I had to correct her and tell her he was my boyfriend.  He was being kind of quiet, but I didn't think much of it.

Once we trekked across the ice, in New England January temperatures, B suggested we take M outside to run around for a while before bed so that she would sleep better (she's always really hyper when we're down there).  Before we went outside, B asked his dad if the fire pit was on the point.  Which I thought was weird, because its usually right by the house.  We went outside and he loaded up my arms with logs and we took the quick walk down the trail to the point.  There were chairs set out, and it was all a little strange.

I rambled on about something random I'm sure and complained that I was cold, and tried to sit on his lap and get him to hug me.  After about a minute he told me to get up, I was hurting him (gee thanks...).  I sat in the other chair and he stood up.

"What are you doing?"  He reached into his pocket.

"What's wrong with you?"  He started to bend down... and I started laughing.

He then asked me to marry him, I punched him in the shoulder and told him he was a jerk.  And then said yes.

There were no tears - sorry - just an inappropriate amount of laughter from me.  He put the ring on my finger, we hugged, and decided we were way too cold and headed back inside to share the news with his parents.  And you know, where there was actual light so I could see the ring.

It was simple, out of the blue, and completely perfect.

There were three things that made it perfect for me. 1) He asked my parents permission. 2) I had no idea it was coming until seconds before.  3) He picked out the perfect ring.  And not in a materialistic way - but in the its something I would pick for myself way.

Also, please note, that when you are proposed to, you will have not adequately charged your cell phone.  I thought this was just me, but it's happened to two of my friends in the last few months as well.  For me, I got off a call to my parents, one friend, and a couple of text messages.

It's been two years, today, since that cold, amazing Friday night that cemented our future together.  I'm thankful everyday, even on the bad ones, that I get to spend the rest of my life with this man.

Happy Engagement Anniversary B. I love you.

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