Friday, January 14, 2011

You know the kind...

Those days that you wake up late, but then think ok, at least it's Friday, it can't be that bad, right?

And you spend the morning going through the motions at work, thinking about how you'll spend the weekend.  Not overly concerned about anything, no real deadlines hanging over your head.

And then BAM.

An email pops up in your inbox. Or a boss stops by.  Or, maybe if you're a doctor or something and an actual emergency happens (because let's face it, nothing I do should ever be considered an 'emergency'). And it all tumbles down into awfulness.

Ah well, at least I raked in some overtime.  You know, to pay for the vet bill for the appointment I had to take M to in the middle of the chaos. (No worries, just a checkup on an ear infection - which is now GONE!... along with $90. *sigh*)

But, we got some surprise photos today, from our honeymoon.  You know, almost a year and a half ago.  The last full day there we did an all day horseback ride and then they had an old west photo shoot.  The pictures are actually pretty cool.  Here's a sneak peek, I'll post more next week - unless of course there's another 'emergency' at work.

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