Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Fun Kitchen Purchases

This weekend, while exchanging my brown shelf liners for tan (which B thinks are the same... but they are NOT at all), I made a few purchases.  Certain items in our kitchen just were not going to live up to the new kitchen.

For instance, old drying rack vs new sleek and easily hide-able drying mat:

See, much nicer.  AND it folds up and goes away when there isn't anything on it:

(there's at least one use for that drawer...
and yes M is down there trying to figure out what to do with the other shelves, she's a good helper)

The "Original Drying Mat" was a $4.99 purchase from Bed, Bath & Beyond. It was in one of those stands right when you walk in, and I fell in love, as much as you can fall in love with a drying mat... anyway, so far, so good, two days of dishes and I'm pleased. Also, it's machine washable. So what's *not* to love?

I then found some goodies for the utensils, see the old utensil holder and spoon rest versus the new ones:

Generic black, round, barely-big-enough utensil holder that just blends into the granite and the somewhat ugly red spoon rest (yea, we had a red theme going in the apartment - red spoon rest, red drying rack, and red pots and pans - not so much anymore), versus wooden, rectangular, plenty-of-room-for-all-the-stuff-we-use utensil holders and large spoon rest with a message (Live life passionately, Laugh out loud, Love unconditionally).  Also, the utensil holder has a REMOVABLE bottom for easy cleaning. Thank you Wal-mart for your fantastic wooden innovation - for $7.97. I still have the label on the other side, cause B seemed unsure, but I've decided its not going back. Spoon rest: BB&B, $6.99.  I think they give a more put together and thought out look.  Ok fine, they make me feel like a grown up. Don't ask why, because I don't know. But I'm glad to be done with the red spoon rest.

*Sidenote* A fun tip when dealing with flat top electric ovens: Don't put the spoon rest on the oven.  You will inevitably lay a spoon across an unused burner, and then accidental turn on the wrong burner when trying to boil water. And it will be the one you put the spoon over. And your spoon will start smoking, and you'll have to grab it and run it under cold water. And then your spoon will forever have a new texture, and you'll have to scrub the cook top (only with the special scrubby that came with the stove!).  Don't ask me how I know this.

I also bought some bright and fun place mats (for if I ever clean off the dining room table again...).  Our table is very dark, almost black but not quite, so I wanted something to brighten it up and break up the darkness.

Fun, no? If you don't think so, that's fine. They were ONE DOLLAR each. So I'm not worried about it.
Anywho, I'm done with my classes this term (too bad its only 5 days until the next term starts...) so I'm going to get to cleaning and *hopefully* picking paint.  Friday B's dad is coming to put the trim on the window, secure the dishwasher, add the panels to the peninsula, straighten the doors, add the softclose to the cabinet doors, and install the handles and pulls.

Ok, that's what I hope he's doing. The only thing I'm sure of is the window trim, but a girl can hope, right?

Oh, and here's a cute picture of M, because I love her:

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K said...

I bought the same drying mat a few weeks ago! I love it!