Saturday, June 12, 2010

Kitchen Renovation: Hardware and Details

Yesterday B's dad came over to help finish up some of the detail work in the kitchen.  I'm pretty excited about the difference it makes having trim around the window...

No more insulation hanging down! Looks better huh? We'll have to decide if we're going to paint it or leave it as is or what - but we'll deal with that later.

He also installed (most) of the hardware....

And before anyone freaks out - YES they are *not* even right now.  The doors need to be adjusted on almost all the cabinets, but he measured them all out the same.  If you look at the bottoms of any of the cabinets, you can see that they don't line up.  Those will get done at the time we get around the putting the soft close do-dads on.  We were more concerned about just having handles to use.  There are a few drawers that did not get done (hence no pictures) - that's an ongoing saga I'll share another time.

He also put on those panels I had mentioned a while back - the ones B bought without my knowledge - they go on the peninsula to make it look more "finished".  I don't have a good picture of it from before, but you can get the idea in this one:

See how the closest side of the peninsula is just... a single panel(ish thing)? Didn't look too bad in my opinion.  B thought it looked cheap, and that it was flimsy.  Whatevs. Here's the after, with the panels that look like cabinets doors:

I'm not so much in love with this. Also, see how each one has a dark side? I had a plan of how I wanted to have it laid out - and this isn't it. (B works from home Mondays and Fridays, so here was here, I was at work, he couldn't remember.  Well, and I can't remember now either, but still.)  BUT, since it can't be changed at this point, I'm working on getting used to it.  I guess it probably gives it a more upscale look... or something.... I don't know... what do you think?

We also finally got around to returning the incorrect baseboards Lowe's had sent along with some excess materials - and they took them back without any real questions - so that was nice at least.  We checked out some stools today at Target.  There's been somewhat of an ongoing battle about the height we need.  I felt the shorter, 24 inch ones would be the correct height, because I don't feel like the counters are very high.  B said the higher ones (29 inch).  We looked at both today at Target.  I was convinced it was the 24 inch, and while I was sitting on it B said it was a mini stool.  He set up a "mock counter" using some of the stools and displays at the store and gave me one to sit in.

Me: "Yea, this is perfect, see."
B: "Right, its perfect."
Me: "Wait... did you... give me the bigger one?"
B: *all laughs*

I believe I called him sneaky, and admitted I was wrong. Or something like that.

Anyway, these are the ones we checked out:
But they look JUST like the ones my parents have.  Which isn't really a bad thing, but I'm just saying.  I did just find them in a "swivel" option, which sounds like it might be nice (or course the "swivel" is more expensive and I'll have to justify to B why it'll be worth it...)

I'm also still trying to come up with a storage solution.  I didn't see anything I was interested in at the bajillion (Ok more like 4 - Target, Christmas Tree Shop, Bob's Furniture, and Costco) places we stopped today.  At least nothing at a low enough price!

Might be time to hit up some yard sales and/or Craigslist...

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