Monday, June 14, 2010

You Have GOT To See This...

But first, a few administrative-y things.  A few days ago (last week? something like that) I added a "Blog Roll" to the left side.  These are some of the blogs I personally read, so feel free to check them out, they're funny, creative, and talented people.  Also, in my "About Me" section I added a Contact B&S link, so you can email us if you feel the need/desire about... whatever.  Lastly, I know my layout and format aren't exactly *awesome*, but its simple and easy for now, and I'm just trying to master the art of side-by-side photos, mmmkay? Someday I'll make it prettier.  So feel free to share any tips or tricks to awesome-ize my little piece of internet? kthanks.

Now, onto the hilariousness.  On occasion, when I've got some downtime at work, I check out the local real estate market - come on, who doesn't? Sure, I love our house (most days) and we don't plan on going anywhere for a few years - especially after all the work we've done lately - but its cool to see what's out there and I have friends who are looking, so I look too.  And send them stuff, cause I'm helpful.

A few months ago, a little place caught my eye.  But not for the typical reasons.  For its purely ridiculously hilarious photos. I had myself a chuckle and made a mental note to check back whenever I needed a laugh.  A month or so later I checked it out again, and OMGoshyouguys, it got even better.  My co-workers and I were crying laughing and I decided I HAD to submit it to Julia at Hooked On Houses for her Bad MLS Photos because she has some awesomely ridiculous photos, but I was sure no one had seen anything like this before.  She loved it, and it got it's own entry on her blog: A Real Estate Listing With Unexpected "Extras"

And seriously, just before I left work today, something inside me said to go look again.  And just when I thought it couldn't - it got even better and I feel the need to share it with every person possible.  Please, please, PLEASE *on-my-knees-begging-you-wont-be-sorry* take 30 seconds out of your day/evening/life and go check it out, i mean, only if you like laughing

And then come back and tell me you peed your pants laughing. Or at least that you had a little chuckle.

P.S. Yea, I'll fill you in on the drawer handle saga tomorrow, I pinky-promise. But this could.not.wait.


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The Girl said...

Boo... its gone.

S said...

Aw no good. Here's an updated link:

Its listed under like two different MLS numbers, its all very strange, haha.