Tuesday, June 22, 2010

It's Yard Sale Time!

We're having a yardsale.

This weekend.

And yes, today is Tuesday.

And no, we haven't been planning this.

See, we've been wanting to have one for a while, because with only two years in this house, we've got a lot of crap stuff we don't need or want.  And our plans for the weekend (a Brooks and Dunn concert) were rescheduled to August.  So, why not?

My parents will also be bringing over some crap nice stuff, so we can call it a multi-family.  And we literally having everything - including the kitchen sink - for sale.  Something for everyone, I'd say!

Hopefully not like some other traumtic yard sale experiences I can remember.... like when I three(ish? maybe older, I don't know) and my mom sold my little push lion. I chased it down the street crying.  And then when she went and sold an entire crate of vinyl records (ya know, nothing good, just some original Beatles albums and other classics) for a dollar! Yup, someone made out pretty good on that deal.  Then there was something about taking apart a computer for a guy, and I think my stepdad fell off/thru the chair? I laughed. He didn't. Not good. (Love ya!)

Anyway, we've decided on Sunday, even though the weather is supposed to be better Saturday.  We've got a two car garage so I figure even if its raining we should be okay.  There's two or three churches at the end of our road, and we're less than a mile from the center of town, so a few well placed signs, a couple days of spamming posting on Craigslist, and I think we should be good.

Any tips yard sale out there?  Should I even bother with prices, or just let people make offers? If I price should I over price since I know they'll talk me down anyway?


Anonymous said...

You will be annoyed with people always asking the price. At least price out the big items with a suggest price and create either tables or boxes with similar price items. For some reason people LOVE digging through boxes of items to see what they can find.

I did a couple last year at my moms and at mine but be prepared to haggle :-) Have fun!

Anonymous said...

Spend the few bucks to post in the classified section of the paper - always works because those who obsess over yard sales, always check the paper (in print or online).

Also, place signs at the home improvement stores near you advertising everything including the kitchen sink since weekend warriors will want to know they can come to you instead of dealing with the morons at home depot.

last tip - make sure you have lots of change (dolla-dolla-bills ya'll) ... people are WICKED annoying with only having $20's. ... or they expect you to take checks.

Lisa W said...

Get ready for the "early-birds" looking for a great deal - like an hour before the yard sale starts and before all of your items are even set up.

I would price items that you know what amount you would like to get - but I like the idea of the boxes with similar priced items too.