Monday, June 7, 2010

Kitchen Renovation: Day 32 - The Microwave & The IT Genuis

I only titled it that because I don't think my step dad thought I actually would.  But, the microwave, yes, its true, has been installed.  So, here's the before:

Big empty white space, just waiting to be filled by our beautiful microwave that has a start button that works! (Remember, the last two years we have cooked in the microwave by hitting the 'Add One Minute' button, and if it wasn't something to be cooked in increments of a minute, we'd just kind of have to remember to stop it.)

So, B and my awesome step dad (the IT Genius, clearly) got to work again.

Of course it wasn't long until B stripped the screw, and we got a little held up while he manually had to get it out of the wall.  And then, I had to take control and read the directions, since no one else seemed to want to.  I will say, it's more complicated than you'd think!

After more work than I think we expected, the microwave is safely hung.  We also adjusted the feet on the oven so its even with the counter.  I think it looks awesome and really, couldn't be happier with the way everything looks :)

Just a few more finishing touches (and those damn shelves from Lowe's) and we'll be good!  Tomorrow is my last day of class for the term, so I'm hoping maybe later this week I can think about painting...

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