Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Not Much of a Kitchen Update

Nothing new to report on the kitchen today.  I'm just dreaming about all the things I want to buy to finish to it off, such stools for the peninsula, some kind of storage unit/hutch/table, and something to take up room in the dining room.

I know, I shouldn't need *anything* because we just redesigned the whole kitchen to our needs. But here's the thing... all of our kitchen stuff fit in our old cabinets. All of our not-quite-kitchen-but-needs-a-place-to-go-stuff fit into the peninsula... like vases, cook books, candles, tablecloths were on the lower cabinets, and paper, pens, batteries, light bulbs, etc in the drawers on the top.

All of our kitchen stuff fits in our kitchen cabinets.  But...the vases, cook books, candles and tablecloths are currently sitting on the table and futon in the 3rd bedroom (aka M's room).  Everything in the drawers? Well, still in the drawers, just stacked on an old entertainment unit that is for some reason still hanging out in our dining room.

We're lucky enough to have a china cabinet, to house all of our... china (duh), wine glasses, serving platters and other things we don't use on a regular basis.

So, I'm really just brainstorming at this point, spending more money at the moment doesn't seem smart, so it gives me some time to think about what we want I suppose.  When I start thinking more seriously maybe I'll post some pictures and ideas.

Otherwise, my stupid pantry shelves are supposed to be here (and by here I mean Lowe's... so I get to pick them up, convenient eh? (Ok, so it is cause its on my way home from work, but its still annoying)) tomorrow, so let's all keep our fingers crossed hmmm?

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