Saturday, June 26, 2010

Yard Sale: The Day Before

Since we decided last minute that we'd be having a yard sale, a lot of the organizing and major work had to be done today.  Earlier this week B picked up some boxes from his parents, and Friday my mom made a few trips over.  We've made several exhilarating Craigslist posting with thrilling photos such as:

Makes you want to come by and spend lots of money, right?  That's what I thought.

Left over supplies from the kitchen remodel had to be moved, we took two trips to the dump, my parents brought over 3 more car loads of stuff, and everything had to be moved up from the basement.  It was fairly overwhelming, and I discovered B has never even BEEN to a yard sale, never mind had one!  Boy is he in for a treat tomorrow!!  There were some stressful moments, debating on the best way to tackle everything, but we had a good time getting organized for the most part.  Especially when my mom whipped out this beauty:

I know it says Tart... but really, that was a poor font choice...

Tonight, we've got a garage FULL of stuff, with tables and items that have to be pulled out tomorrow into the driveway, along with few items to bring in off the porch.  It'll be an early morning and a long day, but we're looking forward to it and hopeful that it goes well.

Ew. Uh yea, its a little fuzzy, sorry. But you get the idea.

Anyway, we get a bunch of signs out, in the dead of night. (Ok, it was 10:30, but still, we felt stealthy about it.)

The actual signs are a little more detailed (i.e. have our street name), but we'll put this one in front of the house.  I know its pretty obvious when people are having a yard sale, but we have a lot of people in the neighborhood who walk, run, and bike, so this way they'll know that they can come back a little later.

We'll be heading to bed shortly, up early to make another Craigslist post and get everything ready - prepared for the early birds!  Hopefully I'll be all smiles with some extra cash by tomorrow afternoon!

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