Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Yard Sale: Mental Preparation

First, thanks for the tips! And keep 'em coming!  I love the idea of boxes/prices/areas that are designated as one price, makes it a lot easier than pricing out each item.  And we'll be ready for the early birds - and I'll have to remember to get change - I didn't even think of that!

Second, this is harder than I thought.  It's not just making piles and slapping prices on stuff.

It's just stuff, right?  So why, when I looked up the Craigslist ad that B posted last night and saw "Disney VHS tapes."  I immediately emailed him at work. WHAT VHS tapes are selling?!

A friend tried to talk some sense into me:
K: "Do you even have a VHS player?"
S: "I think so. Maybe. We could always get one. We'll want those tapes when we have kids."
K: "You can buy your kids DVDs. They'll be cheap. You can get them at yard sales."
S: "But..."
K: "There's some little girl out there whose parents only have a VHS player and can't afford a DVD player. Those tapes could make her birthday."

Aw crap. Fine, we'll only keep the ones I *really* like.  This evening B was showing me the stuff he pulled together last night in the basement.  He pointed out a fire place screen with matching tools.  What did I say? "But I like those."

Um, HI, reality speaking, you don't even have a fireplace anymore! Get it together!

Then I was talking to my mom and she mentioned she had a box of stuff from old yard sales that didn't sell.  I relayed this to B.

B: "That's sad, they're like the misfits."
S: "Don't do that. Don't give them personalities."
B: "They're like the misfit toys!"
S: "No, stop!! I can't handle it!" *runs out of kitchen, cookie in hand*

Yesterday he asked if we could sell some bowls and utensils I had in college.  For a good 30 seconds my brain was in overdrive trying to come up with a reason to keep them.  Why? Because I liked them. Maybe we'd need them some day. You know, if we broke all of our real plates and someone dumped all of our utensils down the garbage disposal?

B has called me a pack rat about 40 times.

I try not to be attached to stuff, cause its just stuff, right?.  I mean, my life will not be any different if those bowls and utensils aren't in the under the bed storage in the 2nd bedroom.  The world will not come crashing down if I no longer have a fireplace screen, for a fireplace that no longer exists.  And my future children will not resent me if they don't have a 80's VHS tape of The Little Mermaid.

Really, I'll be okay...

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Anonymous said...

It's okay Shannon I have the Disney VHS tapes here. Brave Little Toaster too!!! and I can transfer them to DVD's - Breathe!!

Love, Mom