Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Kitchen Renovation: Customer Service

Today's kitchen related items really just involve some poor customer service on behalf of Lowe's and the granite company.

Here's the long story on the latest Lowe's issue... On Sunday when we were installing, two of the shelves were crunched, and there were none to go with the utility cabinet, that I am calling the pantry.  I called to ask what the next step was.  She said she could order new shelves for the ones that were crunched, but that the utility cabinet doesn't come with shelves, we would have had to order those separately. Um, ok?

So I called yesterday morning to ask if that's really true.  The 2nd kitchen lady at Lowe's rushed me off the phone saying she was with a customer but would check on it and call me back.  They have our home number, and I gave her my work number.  (At some point I'll have to sit down and explain all the fun issues we've had with both the kitchen designers at Lowe's....)

At 4pm today I decided to call again.  She acted like we had already discussed everything and that it was fine.  I explained it was not fine.  I was again informed we did not order shelves.  FINE, just order them (it's $37, its not a big deal, it just would have been nice to have been told in the first place!).

Secondly, B called the granite company to ask when they would be installing, and was informed they hadn't received the paperwork yet. Um, the guy was here Monday... and everything is computerized...what's the issue?

So he'll be calling them back tomorrow to see if he gets a different answer.

Oh, and I think we have a contestant for the hottest day of 2010 in NH... today!  Not much else to say tonight... its too hot to keep this laptop on my legs any longer - so goodnight!


The Girl said...

We dealt with Lowes for the entire renovation and it was hellish. The kitchen designers were wonderful as we were in the process of designing and handing over $$. Once thatwas over, CS went totally down the tubes. Our countertops... we waited 4 months. When we ordered them, Lowe's said that as soon as the ppk was in, that section would be held for us until ready for install. We specifically choose a design thatwas in stock so we wouldn't have to wait. The install day came, no counters. We call several time that day- all doing the same thing you got. But no call back. Finally Rick headed down there and found that it wasn't in stock. Rick went ballistic- see above.So we chose ANOTHER countertop that was in stock... are you seeing where this is going? After numerous attepmts, changes and supposed discounts we rec'd our original order. No discounts.
I hate Lowes and will never use them for a remodel again.
I hope the rest of the remodel goes without a hitch. ;)

ItsAllBandS said...

Oh man that sounds AWFUL - I'm grateful it hasn't been worse. I've just got my fingers crossed that by this time next week we'll be just about done!