Sunday, May 9, 2010

Kitchen Renovation - Day 3: Window, Lights and Crisis Recap

First, let me say a big HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY to all the mom's, especially mine and B's. Currently, my furry little baby is barking in my face - great mother's day present huh?

Anyway, this morning we were lucky enough to get this:

turned into this:

By way of this staging and this hole, and my awesome father in law:

Currently, B is crawling around in the attic drilling holes into the kitchen ceiling, and I'm yelling at him that they aren't in the right spots. And he's not believing me. But at least we've got one can in, looking all pretty...and...canny?

Lastly, last nights mini-crisis...the first awful thing to happen...

We're busy testing the breakers to disconnect power to the garbage disposal, so we can get the sink cabinet taken out. And really, why would the garbage disposal be on the same breaker as the kitchen? That would make WAY too much sense. (In case your curious, it ended up being on one of the basement rooms breakers) So when we're about 70% through, someone notices that its kind of wet in the room under the kitchen... and by kind of, I mean its raining.

I'm not sure you fully appreciate the situation in this picture, but try. Computer, stereo, lots of stuff we intended to sell in a yard sale, and the Disney photo album of our first vacation were all semi causalities and still trying to dry out. I guess the basement will be our next project?
Oh, and it wouldn't be a home renovation in our house if we didn't find some mold:

I believe I could be heard saying "Oh crap, now he's going to tear the whole house apart." (We've got some fun mold stories, but I'll save those for another time.)

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