Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Kitchen Renovation: Thinking About Paint and Plumbing

It's like the hottest day ever.

Well, ever of 2010 in New Hampshire.  And I'm like 85% sure that's not an exaggeration.

I filled up M's baby pool for her when I got home from work and let her play around for a bit.

There's some plumbing work going on in the basement at the moment.  Which is nice for them since it's probably 25 degrees cooler down there (but smells like a sewer since B forgot to cover something?).  When we ripped everything out, and had little flooding crisis, it was revealed that the pipes were a mix-and-match set of copper and PVC, alternating more times than any plumber would ever want to see.  So, the process is ongoing, and nearing completion and replacing the pieces that need to be replace.  I just returned from a trip to Lowe's to pick up a 10 foot section of 2 inch pipe.  Which is fun to walk around the store with, especially when you decide maybe you need some more paint trays and rollers, and maybe then you turn around too quick and almost take out the whole shelf of more-expensive-than-I-want-to-pay-for-breaking paint sprayers.  And maybe the teenage emo couple (which why on earth are they in Lowe's?) giggles at you.

But it's ok, I, in fact, did not break anything, and made it out in one piece.  With some mini-roller trays and mini-rollers.  Because the painting, is going to be here before I know it.  But only after the priming. And I think I mentioned it was crazy hot and here in New England, that means crazy humidity too.  Honestly, the heat and humidity, combined with the smell of primer that won't dry because its too darn humid... not something I feel like dealing with tonight.  So, maybe tomorrow.

Anyway, I also came home with some more paint samples.  I'm acquiring quite the collection:

And yes, these were all picked with the kitchen in mind.  I don't seem indecisive at all, right?  Lights, darks, greys, tans, greens, blues(? I don't know how those snuck in there!).  But really, the lighting at the store is not conducive to actually seeing the color, that's why they let you bring it home.

Even M looks confused about what color will be best!  But at least she could make a decision...

She picks Foggy Skies.  I think its just because its the closest and she's lazy.  Let's hope that's not what we decide to go with... she did a number on the sample and I'd feel a little weird giving a chewed up sample to the paint lady.

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