Monday, May 17, 2010

Kitchen Renovation - Day 11

The last two days have been more plumbing, and more electrical.  I'm shocked (ok, after living here for 2 years I'm not that shocked) at the lack of quality in the electrical and plumbing.  It's just really sad, makes me angry that our home inspector didn't catch any of it, and it has created alot more work than necessary.  On a positive note, the electrical is done until all the cabinets are in, and the plumbing in the kitchen is done for now, but there is still stuff that needs to be done in the basement.

Today's big visual excitement was the sub floor going in!! Which means no more icky 60's tile with staples and nails coming out of it. Much more comfortable to walk around on.

In other exciting news, B and I managed to hang the first new piece of drywall.  It was...awful, but we did it and its up.  Only like ten more pieces to go!

Yea, not very impressive, I know.

And he's such a hard worker, he's still working to patch a few things and get some mudding done before bed.

I'm going to have some painting to do when this is all over...

I can't even begin to describe the amount of dust in our house.  I would take pictures, but I'm so so annoyed and embarrassed by it, that it would do no good.  And I know it's only going to get worse as we hang more drywall.  I'm pretty sure our house will never be the same, cause I can't imagine it ever getting back to normal...

Today was the first day I really felt the stress of not having a kitchen, and having people in our house pretty much all the time. Even though they are all friends and relatives, and we love them dearly and sincerely appreciate the help, its still hard, especially for me as I try to finish up this semester of grad school.  (You try writing papers with drilling and hammering going on constantly.)  Also, my pants are starting to feel the stress of all the takeout and lack of exercise time.

Tomorrow - Drywall & Organizing Cabinets
Wednesday - Tile
Thursday - Grout
Friday - Cabinets
Saturday - Pick out granite slab
Monday - Granite company does template for slab
Approximately 10 days later - Granite installed

Here's to hoping everything goes as planned...

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