Friday, May 21, 2010

Kitchen Renovation - Day 15

Christmas was good to me ;P

Not *all* the cabinets are in, but the bottom ones are, which is fantastic and I'm able to visualize how everything is going to look so much more now.  And, lots of other stuff got done today too, so that's awesome.  Cause I mean, I used a vacation day for today - and I treat vacation days like magic beans, they are used as sparingly as possible. (Although, after my experience today, there may be many more 3 day weekends in my future - so nice.  We'll see.)

Anyway, let's get started.  Everyone got to work early (and yes, I helped, but I mean, I had to document everything in photographs too!)

And the cabinet manufacturer was really helpful, stapling the instructions to the inside of the sink base, with the Spanish instructions face up... figures... (good thing we didn't need any stupid instructions)

Anyway, M got comfortable, and seems to love the new tiles:

In the end, we got the bottom cabinets installed (we'll take care of everything else on Sunday).  So here's a look at what we've got so far:

Also, we got the sconce replaced, which I forgot to take before pictures of, but trust me, this one is better (and matches our other new lighting fixtures that I'll share another time).

Once the cabinets were installed, I took an interesting trip to Lowe's with a friend who has been helping us out a TON, which I'll share more details on another time.  But, after our trip we were able to get the trim up on the recessed cans, which makes a huge difference.

We are completely loving the fact that just having the bottom cabinets installed, and the top cabinets out of their boxes and organized, we're able to actually walk around our house.

And yes, that's the new chandelier, but we'll hold off on a close up.  The wires haven't been adjusted since we need to decided the height we want - so we'll wait until we've got the table back in place.  (And we're going to have quite a few days between when they measure for the granite on Monday, and when it's actually installed, so let's face it, I keep saying I'll talk about things later, so I have some stuff to fill up that time.)

Tomorrow we're off to choose our granite slab, and hopefully I'll be a good blogger and remember my camera so I can share how cool (or not) that experience is.

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