Thursday, May 13, 2010

Kitchen Renovation - Day 7

Here we are. A full week in.  Given other kitchen renovations I've heard about, and read about, I don't feel like we're doing too bad (yet).  I mean, it's surely not pretty:

Check out the pretty can lights, they look like they're glowing!

We've got a busy couple of days ahead of us, but unfortunately it is not all kitchen related, so we won't be getting as much done as we'd like.  But, on an exciting note, the cabinets arrive tomorrow!  As does our other big purchase that I'll share later.  With all these boxes coming into the house, we had to make some space in the dining room...

We've pushed everything off the side and stacked neatly so we can get to what we need.  That big box under there is our new microwave - which I'm way over excited about - the one we've had for over 2 years, that came with the house, the start button didn't work.  That's right, for over 2 years we've been cooking in our microwave by pressing the "add one minute" button.  I can't wait to be able to program actual times!

Tomorrow will be a busy day for B, he's working from home, but also has to act as the receiving agent for everything that is set to arrive.  Because its going to a madhouse here and I'll be at work, I'll be dropping M off at doggie daycare for the day.  Which is definitely a good thing, the poor pup has been confined to the second bedroom while we've been at work all week since there's quite a bit of stuff for her to get into, along with the staples and nails sticking up from the flooring that was ripped out, and we wouldn't want her to hurt her pretty little paws!  And hopefully, after a day of playing with some doggie friends, she'll be all tuckered out.

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