Monday, May 10, 2010

Kitchen Renovation: Funky Finds

Currently, our awesome electrician friend is working on getting the lighting and other electricity related issues straightened out.  We've got our cans in! And he's working to sort the rest of it.  Our house was built in the 60s, proven by one of the funky finds I'll show you shortly, so things aren't exactly as modern as we might like them.

Since looking at a whole bunch of can lighting, and more walls knocked out isn't too exciting, tonight let's go over some of the funky things we found during demo.

*A little background: The previous owner had lived here for 41 years, and was a sort of 'Mr. Handyman' and seems to have tried to do alot of things around the house himself, which may or may not be true, but sure seems like it.*

So, first came a poor little post it:
I wonder if Diane ever got called for dinner?!

Then, there was the bumper sticker....

He was a fireman in town for years.  Which makes me wonder what he was thinking with those wires above the bumper sticker... they were live wires, and they were behind the cabinets. I'm feeling pretty lucky to have survived this long... and this next ones adds to that:

Hmmm, that looks like the quite the burnout there...

And, while smashing out the upper cabinets, we discovered two of these:

We had under mount lighting all this time, and never knew!

Then things got a little gross...

It was some sort of ear drop I believe? We think it might have been for their cats... but needless to say, as soon as I read off what it was, my mom just about threw it across the room.

And, last, but not least, what might have been my favorite find....*drumroll*....

The date the install was originally done(?), we assume the builder, and the town the builder was from.  A neat little piece of our house's history.  Also, we found quite a bit of spare change, including a 1942 "wheat" penny, with some other newer, but still old, currency.

Right now, there's 5 cans in and lit up, with one more that needs to be installed, and then some pendent lighting, and all the un-fun electrical stuff like the stove plug, etc.  The floor should be coming up tomorrow, the tile is getting ordered, and we found out today that cabinets will arrive on Friday!

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Kristin said...

Congrats on the progress!! And you're mom is a trooper. I WOULD have thrown those drops.