Thursday, May 6, 2010

Oh, Hi there.

Nice to meet you Internet.

I've seen you around, but I try not to make eye contact, so you don't try and talk to me.

But here we are, I've finally gotten the courage to say Hi.

So, Hi.

The B stands for the husbands names. The S is my name. Our dog's name starts with an M, but I thought "It's All B, S&M" would be a little much. Although I sure would get some interesting readers, until they realized I'm not exactly their type.

Well that's enough small talk. The real reason I'm here is to share the interesting, or not so interesting, things that happen to us, or ridiculous situations we get ourselves into.

At the moment, its pretty much all about the damn KITCHEN. See, we've got a pretty nice house, I won't lie, but our kitchen? It's just... begging, groveling, for some assistance (sure, i'll throw some before pictures up. eventually). Everything is on order, or sitting in our dining room. There's demo to be done, but it hasn't yet begun (I couldn't resist, sorry).

A basic run down of what we're doing
  • totally ripping out everything
  • so therefore all new drywall
  • new window
  • new cabinets
  • new (tile) floor
  • new (granite) counter tops
  • new microwave
  • new lighting
  • new stove (if i can convince B)

So, we're going to be busy little bees around here for the next few weeks. And there's no doubt something awful will happen.

Stick around. It could get interesting.

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