Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Kitchen Renovation - Days 5 & 6 Update

Well, I guess you could say we're moving right along...

There are currently 6, 6 inch IC remodel can lights in our ceiling, 5 of which are hooked up.  B has become some sort of electrician, running wire up from the basement, installing cans and getting everything set for the electrician to install the necessary plugs for the microwave and the stove.

And on that note... apparently the wire for the stove is stupid expensive, like more stupid expensive than I thought the 12-2 wire for general wiring we bought is. Something like $2+ a foot... and we need some massive amount like 50 ft?! Totally ridic.

In other news, the two layers of flooring were pulled up.  Tell me what's wrong with this picture:

No, you're not seeing double. That's two layers of the same floor.  COME ON, what the hell?!  Luckily, living in a small town, a little inside information let us know that the previous owner had the first layer put in, but felt it was done incorrectly, so he made them come back and do it again.  Now, why he informed some randoms who happened to be working on the botched bathroom remodel before we moved in (which I'm sure I'll get into another time) and not us, we have no idea.  But, regardless, its all out, and in a dumpster somewhere. (Unless its in my garage and I just didn't notice it?!)

And in case your curious where all the stuff in all those cabinets we tore out went, here you are:

We lucked out in this case with the shelving in the 3rd bedroom to store everything. The other pictures are our dining room, which isn't going to see a whole lot of 'dining' action over the next few weeks, but we'll get it back to normal... eventually.

As far as the remaining schedule... we have electric and plumbing over the next few days, *fingers crossed* tile going in Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday.  And shortly thereafter, we can get the cabinets up, and all that's left will be the counters!  Which is a whole other can of worms...

Normally, I'd think I would be a total basket case with this size renovation, but B hasn't put his hammer or wire cutters down and is really working hard every spare minute (which makes me feel a little lazy and useless, but really, what else is new).  So, I'm feeling fairly confident in maintaining my sanity... but ask me again in a week.

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