Saturday, May 15, 2010

Kitchen Renovation - Our Big Arrivals

So, we literally did nothing on the kitchen today. Which is fine, everyone needs a break, right?

BUT, yesterday the cabinets as well as our new STOVE arrived!  I'm overwhelmed with all the boxes, and trying to determine the best way to get organized for when its time to install everything.

Here's a look at the dining room:

Like I said, overwhelming.  And, for our big purchase, take a look at this beauty:

(No its not blue, that's the protective covering, and there's lots of packing materials still on it.) It's a GE, electric, smooth cook top, double oven, in stainless steel.  I had wanted a double oven, but never thought I could justify the additional cost to B, so I didn't even mention it and decided I would just be happy to be rid of the coils on our current stove.  Well, last Saturday we started researching prices, etc, and I heard the magic words from B, "Maybe we should get a double oven". Which, I now take to mean that he can actually read my mind, and will no longer take "I can't read your mind" as an excuse when something isn't done.

Anyway, Sears was running a 15% off special, so we swung down to Home Depot to see if they would match, and beat it (Home Deport is closer, and we wanted to see it in person.)  They did match the price, but apparently their "beat it" policy is only for energy star appliances, and stoves are not energy star rated. Figures.  But we went with it anyway, and I can't wait to use it, and, I never thought I'd say this....but I really can't wait to clean the smooth cook top! It's going to be so much easier :)

The schedule over the next few days includes:
Tomorrow - Plumbing & Electrical
Monday - Sub floor is going in
Tuesday & Wednesday - Tile
Friday - Cabinets installed
Saturday - We pick out our granite slab
Monday - Granite company comes out do to the template

And let me just say, B, being the amazingly awesome husband that he is, went and set up everything for the granite viewing and template, without me even asking.  Yup, he's been pretty incredible lately :)

Oh, and I forget to mention, sometime between now and Friday, we've gotta replace pretty much all the drywall, so it looks like I'll be getting some lessons in hanging drywall, patching, and mudding.

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