Saturday, May 8, 2010

Reason for the Renovation

As I've said, our kitchen has been begging, groveling even, for a remodel since we moved in a little over two years ago. When we bought the house it was something we knew we wanted to do at some point (can't believe we've reached some point!) and with a generous donation from the U.S. government (i.e. our ridic tax return because B refuses to change his status to married), we found funding.

Now before we get into too many details here, I'd like to show you the befores, so you understand, why a remodel is so completely necessarily and I'm so damn excited about it.

Exhibit A:

Where to begin? First, these cabinets were clearly of the homemade variety. Flimsy, not practical, as nearly anything larger than a soup can didn't actually fit on nonadjustable shelves, stupid corner cabinets that reach into the abyss that you have to climb on the counter to reach, and all the other great features you would expect from a 1960s kitchen. But hey, at least they're pretty?

Oh wait, no, they're not. at all. And those blue counters? That stupid, awful shade of blue that I'm pretty sure I said I liked when we looked at the house the first time, it's been getting on my nerves since the day we closed. It was in way too many places in this house, and I've gotten rid of most of it, but maybe someday I'll show you all the places I took it from. But, I'm awaiting the day I have eradicated it from my life.

Exhibit B:
Nasty linoleum, the with most ridiculous looking corner tie in to the hardwood, EVAH. Supposedly it was laying on top of the old flooring, which, circa 1960s, means we're likely looking at an asbestos issue when we tear it up. AWESOME.

Exhibit C:

The dishwasher that is not attached to the counter. When we moved in, there was no dishwasher, but there was a trash compactor. The first thing we did when we moved in was take out the trash compactor, one small row of drawers, and pop this puppy in. Unfortunately, it didn't like being there, and has since been trying to un-attach itself and pull away from the cabinets and counter. But really, when they look like that, who could blame it? The exposed edges are also the BEST crumb catchers ever - so gross.

And for your viewing pleasure, a few more before photos:

The evil corner cabinets.

Just, ugh.

AWFUL blue doors.
So there you have it. The reason for the renovation.

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