Sunday, May 23, 2010

Kitchen Renovation - Day 17 - Cabinet Install

The cabinets.... are installed!  And I don't think we could be any more excited and thrilled with the way they look.

Most everything went in easy, and we put the stove in, so when the granite company comes tomorrow to create their template, they can measure accurately.

The first opening is for the dishwasher, the large boxed out opening is for the fridge.  We need a little plumbing work done before we can move those over.  At the very end you'll see what I keep calling our pantry cabinet.  Apparently to Lowe's it's a utility cabinet, and doesn't come with shelves??!  (And yes, the door is still blue, I can't wait to paint it even though we'll probably be tearing out that wall in the next few months anyway... but that's a can of worms we'll get to later.)

Doesn't the stove look happier there then in the dining room? :)

We even got some of the detail work done today.  For the baseboard, we actually ended up using some of the filler board we ordered, rather than the actual baseboard, since the baseboard that was sent was red oak, and our cabinets are hickory.  See the color and grain difference? 

Here's the filler boards acting as our baseboard:

We think it looks good, and goes well with the clean lines in the rest of the kitchen, but we'll take a look at some quarter round to put on top, to see if that'll be better.  Also, those panels are going to be installed on the back side of the peninsula.  They're basically decorative accents.  I had left early the day we "closed" on the kitchen (i.e. handed over the $$), and B got suckered into buying them without me there to put my foot down.  I'm glad he did as I think it'll really make a difference once we get them hung (we didn't have the right length nails today, oops.)

Also, we've got to show off the mini crown molding, as one of B's dad's least favorite thing is ceiling trim, and with all the corners this was a doosey for him, but he did an awesome job.

Sure adds a finished, high end look, right?  (Ignore the unpainted drywall.  I know its not finished or high end looking, but I'll take care of it eventually.)

We have an order in for some new shelves for the corner cabinets, as they were ratty and crunched around the edges, and will be returning the excess filler board and incorrect baseboard.  Also, we plan to order the shelves for my "pantry", but we're really mad we have to pay for them, so we'll see what happens there.

The granite template is getting done tomorrow, and the next few days will be spent finally priming and eventually getting the drawer and door pulls/handles installed.  I don't think I can feel comfortable with a paint color until the granite is in, so we'll hold off on that.  We'll also try and get organized, since we can use the upper cabinets, and parts of the lower ones now, and it'll be nice to get life somewhat back to normal.

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