Thursday, May 20, 2010

Kitchen Renovation - Day 14: Christmas Eve

It's been two full weeks. I'm happy to say it doesn't feel as bad as I expected.  And I am completely 100% feeling like a 6 year old on Christmas Eve.  Tomorrow is my adult Christmas: Cabinets are getting installed.

Remember when you'd beg to open just one present on Christmas Eve...just one! To hold you over! Well, I got my Christmas Eve present: my floooooorrrsssss!

So let's just refresh your memory.


During, with our awesome friend who happens to have a talent for installing tile :)

And, the completed floors, with grout:

(ignore the dusty white smudges. they'll get cleaned up tomorrow)

The tile is from a great little store in our town, called Cardoza Flooring.  They've got a huge selection, and we ended up with an 18 inch porcelain tile, in a style called Indian Slate, the color is "autumn".  I'll admit, when our friend started installing it, we really weren't sure if we liked it.  I was okay with it, but I could tell B was freaking out a little bit.  We picked out our grout color, "Almond", and once the grout was in today, B was thrilled.  It's colder than the old laminate, but I frankly, I don't care. That's why they invented slippers.  It's beautiful, its classy, and I can't wait to see what the cabinets look like with it!

Speaking of cabinets, I don't know if I mentioned, they're GETTING INSTALLED TOMORROW!!  *ahem* sorry.  I went through most of them tonight, making sure there isn't any glaring defects, etc.  I also tried to label them matching the layout we got from Lowe's.  I numbered them on the layout, then put post-its with the corresponding number.  Just to make it a little easier tomorrow.

In a surprise development, my brand new, awesome, amazing, lovely chandelier will (most likely) be getting installed (along with the random sconce, that B keeps calling a scone) tomorrow as well.

And yes, I probably will lay awake all night, waiting to hear the reindeer on the roof and Santa in the chimney.... 'cept it'll be a F-150 in the driveway and my father-in-law through the front door.

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